Sports Day is an important annual event of the school. To ensure the day runs smoothly, teachers and students often invest a lot of time and effort in preparation, such as athlete registration and event scheduling. eSports helps to handle the tedious administrative tasks, efficiently process event schedules and generate rankings on the actual day, so that teachers and students can be free to indulge themselves in the healthful event.

Flexible Settings
  • Simply default the settings on inter-house allocations, groupings and divisions, scoring criteria etc., and the system will automatically complete all the complex tasks and tedious scheduling
Online Registration
  • Students can enroll in any event via the the online system
  • Manual enrollment is not needed
Automatic Generations of Groups and Schedules
  • Based on initial configuration done by the school, the system allocates participants into different groups and arranges the schedule
  • The system generates athlete numbers and ready-to-print labels
Automatic Generation of Rankings and Finalists
  • Simply submit each event’s results, and the system instantly shows rankings and athletes to enter final rounds
Score Computation for Houses, Grades and Individuals
  • The system computes the scores of all events and deliver final results of houses, grades and individuals for prize presentation
Obtaining a Variety of Reports
  • Reports can be generated by individual, by class, by house or even by school, to summarise information such as event rankings and the number of participants
  • Reports can be exported as CSV files for administrative procedures
Integration with eClass platform
  • Data on eSports is automatically synchronised to the eClass platform. No re-entry is needed